Janitorial Cleaning Services - Interior and Exterior Entrance Mats

Clean carpets and tile floors make a strong first impression when someone enters your building. The right entrance mats will go miles in protecting those freshly cleaned surfaces through out the year. All mats are not created equal! Cheap entrance mats may look okay for a while, but they wear out quickly and do not trap the dirt that enters your building every day. Here are 6 good reasons to purchase quality exterior and interior mats for your facility:

  1. The estimated cost of finding and removing a pound of dirt from a building is $600.
  2. One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week—twice that in inclement weather.
  3. 70 to 80% of dust, grime and dirt in a building are tracked in from the outside, permanently damaging floors and carpets.
  4. Without effective entrance matting, as few as 1,500 people can remove 42% of the finish from a floor.
  5. Poor quality mats just don't do the job. They are not effective and must be replaced often.
  6. Purchasing high quality mats are less expensive than costly, long-term rental contracts with monthly mat services.

One constant challenge Facility Managers face is protecting buildings from harsh winter weather. Without a doubt, the entrances and main corridors of your building take the brunt of winter wear.

Assessing Your Mat Needs

The following questions can help determine your interior and exterior mat needs.

  1. Do you have exterior scraper mats?
  2. Do you have interior walk off mats?
  3. Are your walk-off mats adequately trapping dirt and debris?
  4. How many feet of matting exists before stepping onto carpet or hard surface floor?
  5. Is there wear in your entrance carpeting or on hard surface floor?
  6. Does your entrance floor present a slip hazard during the winter season?


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