Commerical Healthcare Cleaning

When Only The Best Care Will Do

ServiceMaster Clean® offers reliable teams that take a health-conscious approach to cleaning—removing visible dirt, sanitizing, improving air quality and reducing allergens. Our expertise in healthcare cleaning has led to the development of the most advanced methods and materials to keep your facility looking and running its best.

In addition to regular tasks like trash collection, dusting, damp mopping, restroom care, floor and carpet care, window washing and more, we provide the following healthcare-specific services:

Wheaton Commercial Cleaning
  • Checking and changing privacy curtains
  • Thoroughly cleaning stairs and other high-traffic areas
  • Cleaning equipment exteriors
  • Sanitizing IV poles, beds, wheelchairs, workstations, etc...

ServiceMaster Clean also provides services to address areas of your facility that might have specialized cleaning needs, such as:

  • Urgent care centers
  • Diagnostic imaging/MRI
  • Community accessible rehabilitation
  • Renal dialaysis
  • Non-medical areas, including eating areas


Regardless of your service needs, budget or schedule, we can design a plan to fit you.
Contact us today to create a specialized cleaning plan.