Going Green is as Easy As 1, 2, 3

Green Cleaning is much more that a fad or just the 'responsible' thing to do.  This process can also provide you with significant cost reductions in your business.  As cleaning costs come down and your employees health and productivity go up, your company profits improve.

What is green cleaning?

Proper Green Cleaning is a combination of products, equipment and processes.  "Green" products seem to be everywhere today.  Most companies are putting something "green" in there manufacturing process the they can make a green claim.  At ServiceMaster Clean® we go much further than that.  Our proprietary line of Green Products have been 100% certified by Envirodesic™, Environmental Choice™, and Green Seal™.  We guarantee you are getting the cleaning products you expect.

Green Equipment?  Yet it is true.  One significant key feature in our proprietary Capture and Removal™ system is our focus on Capturing the dust and dirt in your building and Removing it from the facility.  Dust, for example, can easily be disbursed into the air during a traditional cleaning process.  Minutes after the cleaning is completed, the dust starts to settle back onto surfaces.  The processes in ServiceMaster Capture and Removal system dramatically reduce this re-distribution of soil by using the proper equipment and cleaning process.

Green Processes - Every employee at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services receive hours of training before they enter your facility.  This training is conducted by Managers who are specifically training in Green Cleaning processes.  This standardized training combined with our on-site cleaning inspection program insures that your receive the highest quality cleaning possible while maintaining a highly efficient routine insuring that you will be satisfied with both the cost and the results of our service.

Green cleaning made easy.

Switching to green cleaning is as easy as making a phone call. The actual changes in cleaning methods and products will be integrated seamlessly into your customized cleaning plan.