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About svmservices

A Family-Owned Business. A Name You Can Trust

Owner David Moore has been a part of the ServiceMaster family for most of his life. Initially he worked for ServiceMaster Clean Corporate helping franchises in system training, system implementation and business development. Almost fifteen years ago he stepped out to purchase the Carol Stream franchise and the business has grown steadily under his leadership. Dave's commitment to the ServiceMaster Corporate Values is evident in the way he interacts with employees, customers and the community.

Dave and his team were recently honored to receive the Marion E. Wade Award of Honor, the largest and most prestigious award given to an owner based on success, growth, leadership and commitment to the highest quality standards set by ServiceMaster.  Dave commented, “I owe my success to the people that work here, our loyal customers and our adherence to the ServiceMaster systems.”

Our Customer Relations Team

David Clark, Business Service Consultant / Project Manager - Dave has fifteen years' experience in operation management, and has been with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services since 2004. He manages the operational and sales teams, working continuously to improve our procedures and processes of healthcare cleaning and commercial cleaning services. In addition, he researches new services and product lines so that we can offer cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers' needs. Dave plays an active role in customer service, sales and project management. He enjoys the challenge of providing solutions and service to help resolve customers' problems.

Nathan O'Bryon, Business Service Consultant - Nathan has been with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services since 2007. He is actively involved in business development by forging strategic relationships, customer acquisition and sales. Nathan enjoys working with a great team of people who are committed to quality and excellence.

Maria Garcia, Director of Janitorial Operations - Maria joined ServiceMaster in 2005 as our Human Resource Manager.  Prior to this she worked for 15 years as the manager of over 75 people in a distribution center.  Maria and her team of 200 managers, supervisors and housekeepers are committed to serving our customers with high quality and consistent cleaning service every day and night.

Gary Arriola, Janitorial Team Leader - Gary has been with ServiceMaster since 2013.  His prior 8 years of industry specific experience and skills in leadership and customer service have proven to be a great asset as he leads his teams which serves half of all our Janitorial customers.  Gary makes sure his teams are prepared for the scheduled tasks and that any requests from customers are relayed to the teams to make it happen. He is self motivated and determined to make sure our customers can see the ServiceMaster difference.

Edgar Solis, Janitorial Team Leader - Edgar has been with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services since 2004. His leadership skills have helped him to address any customer service concerns, he conducts daytime building inspections and oversees the team operations for half our Janitorial customers. With fifteen years' cleaning experience, Edgar understands what customers need and is highly motivated to make sure it is taken care of.